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Can You Mix Fabuloso And Bleach?

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If you are on TikTok you might have seen a lot of videos lately where people are using all types of cleaners to mix together to tackle tough areas in their homes. One thing to know about bleach is mixing it with other cleaners can cause a deathly reaction. So can you mix Fabuloso and Bleach safely?

One trend I am seeing a lot of is putting Fabuloso in toilet tank. So when you flush it fills the bathroom with a nice aroma to keep it smelling nice. But what does that mean when you go to clean the toilet?

fabuloso and clorox toilet cleaner on toilet

If you are using a bleach based toilet cleaner, this would be a massive No-No! You should call 911 if you have been exposed to mixing these two cleaners together. This is very serious.

So What Happens When You Mix Bleach With Fabuloso

Fabuloso will release a chlorine gas when it is mixed with bleach. This becomes TOXIC and should not be mixed. These two cleaning products do not work together.

The chemical released can be lethal to your lungs and a major damaging eye irritant. You could never mix Fabuloso with Bleach.

Most toilet cleaning solutions do have bleach in them. So if you are flushing your toilet with Fabuloso in the back of the water reservoir it will make the chemicals blend and could be a fatal mistake.

clorox and fabuloso on washer

Bleach Is Highly Reactive

Bleach is one household cleaner that is highly reactive. So when mixing chemicals it is very important to never mix cleaners with bleach.

Just like bleach and ammonia, this is a deadly option as well. So, what happens when you mix bleach and ammonia? When combined the two create a chloramine gas, which is deadly as well.

Another question I see a lot is can you mix bleach and dish soap? The same thing goes, Bleach is meant to be used on its own, unless you buy a product that has Bleach with another product.

Being a reactive cleaner, never mix any cleaners with bleach, to ensure no toxic fumes are released when mixed.

Is Fabuloso A Good Cleaner?

Fabuloso is an all purpose cleaner that is a scented household cleaner. I am not sure but the one I have is an antibacterial cleaner that can be used for mopping, wiping down counters, and more.

Fabuloso has a mix of scents and products from liquid cleaner to wipes. The disinfecting wipes will kill up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on non-porous, hard surfaces.

They do sell a Fabuloso with bleach alternative if you want a cleaner similar to mixing the two. They have directions on each bottle on how to use Fabuloso products, surfaces that are safe to use, and more per product you buy.

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