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No Spend Weekend Ideas for Fall

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Fall is officially here and with that comes falling leaves, chilly mornings, apple cider and all things pumpkin spice! I love watching the leaves turn colors, decorating our home with all things that scream Fall, and decorating our front porch! 

I wanted to share some fun things that are Fall inspired that you can get out and do on a no-spend weekend. If you have never attempted a no-spend weekend, you might consider it. It is when you pick a weekend and challenge yourself to spend no money at all. You simply create a weekend that you and your family plan, all around free activities. It is a great way to try new things you might not have done before, and save money! 

Fall Inspired No-Spend Weekend Ideas 

Visiting a Pumpkin Patch| Now depending on where you live will depend if you can do this. If it is free to get into your local pumpkin patch, consider taking a day to go. A lot of them offer free activities while you are there. You could even take your camera and take family pictures while you are there with the beautiful scenery for free. Be your own photographer! 

Apple Orchard| Just like a pumpkin patch, some are free while others charge. If your orchid is free then head out and spend the day playing free activities and being out in nature. 

Hiking| Get outdoors and go for a hike with your family. Packs snacks and even a lunch if you are gonna be gone for awhile. Look at the beautiful Fall foliage and just enjoy nature. 

Leaves| Get outdoors and find pretty colored leaves, and create a craft. Use items you have already like painting them or even tracing around the leaf. You can even rake up leaves and jump into the pile like you did as a kid! 

Being Thankful| Sit down with a pen and paper and share all the things you are thankful for each year. Go around a circle and see how many things you are thankful for, or have each person create a list and see who is thankful for the most things. 

Homemade Costumes| Rummage through everyone’s closets and create homemade costumes for Halloween or just for play! Kids love this.

Fall Sensory| Take some rice or dried beans and find things outside like acorns, leaves and more and create a sensory bin for your child to play in. Get creative and use only the things you have on hand. 

Bob or Apples| If you have some apples, bob for apples and see who is the best at getting them out of the water. 

Community Events| Make sure to look for free events happening in your community. Check the paper or a Facebook group to see if any free events you and the family could do for a day. 

Movie Day| Spend the day watching Fall inspired movies or even Halloween! Just spend the day inside snuggled up in warm blankets. 

Star Gaze| Head outdoors when the sun goes down and gaze up at the stars, and see what constellations you can find. If you have hot cocoa or cider on hand, then sip that! 

Bake| Take the day and see what ingredients you have on hand and create some tasty baked goods. Enjoy them yourself or take them and give to neighbors or family. 

Picnic| Whip up some sandwiches and head out and have a picnic in the park with your family. You can then play on the playground equipment and just enjoy the cool Fall weather.