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DIY Pokeball Pokemon Go Christmas Ornaments

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Pokemon Go Christmas Ornaments are a top homemade Christmas ornament to make for kids this year. Sit down and have a craft day, and create Pokemon Christmas Ornaments that will be fun to hang on your Christmas Tree.

pokemon go christmas ornament

Whether you have a Christmas tree in your kid’s room you decorate with all the fun kid-themed ornaments, or you like a hodgepodge of ornaments on your family tree. 

Pokeball Pokemon Christmas Ornaments

A clear ornament and some paint and a few other supplies are all you need for this Pokemon ornament. Pokeballs are the perfect easy ornament you can make at home, with your kids for a fun themed tree. 

Round Clear Plastic Ball OrnamentsRound Clear Plastic Ball OrnamentsRound Clear Plastic Ball OrnamentsBlack PaintBlack PaintBlack PaintRed PaintRed PaintRed PaintWhite PaintWhite PaintWhite PaintHemp TwineHemp TwineHemp TwineFlat Tipped BrushesFlat Tipped BrushesFlat Tipped BrushesScissorsScissorsScissors


Items Needed For Pokeball Christmas Ornaments

How To Make Pokeball Pokemon Ornament 

Start by filling your ornament with some red paint. I then rolled it around getting the paint to cover all areas of the ornament. Make sure to have something to catch the drips underneath. 

Then I placed the ball in a cup and let it dry overnight. 

Next I tipped on the side, and then painted half the ornament white. You could tape it off for a clean line, but I just eye balled it. Either method will work. 

Next you Add in the black paint. I did a black line of paint around the ball. Then made a circle in the center of the ball, followed by a white circle once the black was dry. 

Add on the top and you have a Pokeball Christmas ornament! Kids will love painting these up if they have a love for Pokemon Go! 

Yield: Pokemon Ornament

DIY Pokemon Christmas Ornament

pokemon go christmas ornament

Check out this easy Pokemon Christmas Ornament Craft. A fun way to show your love for Pokemon.


  • Clear ball craft ornament

Black, red, and white multi surface craft paint

  • Hemp twine


  • Flat tipped paint brush
  • Scissors


  1. Squeeze a tablespoon-sized amount of red paint into the top of your ornament and let dry without the lid on
  2. Paint the bottom half of your ornament white, let dry, and paint with a second coat of white paint
  3. Once your ornament is dry, paint a skinny black line around the center of your ornament with your flat-tipped paintbrush
  4. Now paint a black circle in the center of the black line like pictured and let dry
  5. Then paint a white circle in the center of the black circle and let dry
  6. Cut a 6" piece of hemp twine, loop through the top ring, and tie the ends into a knot

Looking For Some Pokemon Go Stocking Stuffers or Gifts

  1. Poke Ball

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