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15 Incredible DIY Rainbow Crafts for Kids

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Looking for some DIY rainbow crafts? If so check out this list of rainbow crafts for kids, loads of colorful crafts! I love sitting down and doing DIY crafts with my son, and these are great for spring, summer, or even St. Patrick’s day.

No matter the time of the year or occasion these easy rainbow crafts are a must make! So grab those crafting supplies and let’s get to crafting.

diy crafts for kids collage

Also check out my macrame rainbow DIY craft as well. It is so fun, and you can use any colors you want.

What To Expect In This List

  • Colorful crafts for kids
  • Rainbow crafts for preschool and older
  • Easy crafts
  • Crafting projects that are great for motor skills
  • Variety of rainbow art and craft projects

Rainbow Crafts for Kids

Bright and colorful rainbow crafts for kids and art projects. These DIY rainbow crafts are great for preschool kids and older. You will find a nice range of projects for your kids to try out. Or if you are a teacher your students might enjoy these craft ideas.

Common Questions For These Art Projects

How do you make a rainbow craft at home?

There are endless ways to make rainbows at home. In these rainbow ideas in the list you can click and then see the tutorial. They will teach you how to make each rainbow craft or activity that is showcased.

What is Rainbow craft?

Rainbow crafts are a colorful craft that looks like colors in the rainbow. From crafts sticks to pom poms, and all other ideas. The possibilities are endless.

What are the seven colors of rainbow?

Here are the colors of a traditional rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

rainbow crafts for kids