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Tin Flower Bucket Craft – Cricut Craft

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Check out my Bloom where you are planted tin flower bucket craft. I use a galvanized flower bucket that I printed my SVG file on my Cricut maker machine.

bloom where you are planted

A metal pail flowers craft to put fake flowers or a plant in, or a real plant or flower. This would be a wonderful Mother’s Day or May Day gift. I added fresh flowers into mine.

Why You Will Enjoy This Craft

  • Works with a Cricut or Silhouette Machine
  • Adds a fun custom look to a galvanized pot
  • Makes a great gift
  • You can find items at Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target, etc.
  • A fun and easy Cricut garden craft
  • Use to decorate indoors or outdoors
cricut essentials and galvanized container for craft

Supplies Needed For Tin Flower Bucket

How to Make

Full directions are in the printable How-To card below. This is a quick overview of the craft.

Step 1: Download the SVG file, and then upload it to your Cricut. Bloom Where You Are Planted – With Flower SVG File. Bloom with the little flower design – SVG File.

Step 2: Open the Cricut Design Space, upload the image – and upload the SVG design. You can download either of the layouts, they are slightly different.

Step 3: Measure your flower pot, and then size your template, then make it. You can adjust the size to what you would like.

Step 4: Next, you will want to apply the vinyl sheet to your mat. Then cut out your design. I share the full steps in the printable how-to card below.

Step 5: Apply transfer tape using a card or spatula, and the adhere to the design. Peel the vinyl back.

Step 6: Then you will apply the Cricut Bloom Vinyl to the pot, and remove than apply.

Craft Tips and FAQs

What kind of vinyl is Cricut vinyl?

The Cricut machine uses Oracal 651 vinyl. This is the vinyl that all cutting machines even a Silhouette Machine uses?

Can Cricut printable vinyl get wet?

If your printable vinyl gets wet it can get ruined. For me with this planter craft, what I find is good is to place on a covered porch. Or you can gift this for a home gift.

mother's day craft idea

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Yield: 1 tin

Tin Flower Bucket Craft

bloom where you are planted

Tin Flower Bucket Craft is a vinyl craft that you can print and apply to a tin flower bucket. This bucket flower container is a fun gift for Mother's Day or can be a way to dress up your front porch.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost 10


  1. Download the SVG Bloom File.
  2. Open Cricut Design Space. From there you will do the select “upload image”, and upload the SVG file.
  3. Once your image is uploaded, select the image, and click” insert image”.
  4. Measure your flower pot from top to bottom to determine the size of your template, allowing some space on the top and bottom.
  5. Resize the image to your desired height.
  6. Fit the image into the corner of the canvas, and click “group” to group the image for cutting. Then hit “Attach”
  7. Click “Make It”. Apply your vinyl sheet to the Cricut Mat.
  8. Switch the Cricut machine’s dial to “vinyl”
  9. Follow the prompts on your screen to feed the mat into the machine, and to begin cutting.
  10. Once cutting is complete, feed the mat out of the machine.
  11. Using scissors of the paper cutter, cut vinyl template to size, and cut transfer tape to that same size.
  12. Apply transfer tape, using a card or spatula tool to adhere the design to the transfer tape.
  13. Peel the vinyl backing so just the design is on the transfer sheet.
  14. Using the weeder tool, remove the excess vinyl from the design.
  15. Center design onto the pot, and adhere design with a card or spatula tool.
  16. Remove transfer tape from the design, and use the weeder to get out any extra vinyl in between the letters.


There are 2 different printables you can pick from.

You are welcome to apply this SVG file on anything, it doesn't have to be a flowerpot.

Tin Flower Pot

Let me know how you like this tin flower bucket craft!

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